How are cars like corn syrup?

How are cars like corn syrup? Each one is majorly refined, a masterpeice of workmanship and bad for the environment. (depending on what kind of environment you like).

Each part of a car is pulled from the earth and refined, changed into valuable metals, glass, plastics, and oil/gasoline. There are many kinds of metal in a car, I think, that are shaped into different alloys that permit them to work together so that they don’t degrade, the way that a screw should be softer then a bit, so that the bit will last longer. 

There is metal, which is mined and refined from ore.

There is glass, which is made from? silica? sand? and melted into sheets and molded to fit?

There is plastic, gas, and oil, which, I believe may come from the same source, underground oil, though they may synthetically manufacture some of the plastics or oils from other synthesized compounds. 


Corn syrup is highly refined fructose from corn. They take corn, and combine it with enzymes which are produced from bacteria. So this is kind of like fermentation. They Eventually extract a very sweet compound, a syrup, which has a lot of sugar in it, such as maltose. 

My point is this: both take substances from nature and refine, reconstitute, and reshape them, so that the product can be used to create a new organization of substances. The car has organs, like a human. 

An engine (heart),  gas nozzle (mouth)  gas tank (stomach), air intake (mouth/lungs) wheels (limbs/hands/feet) windshield/headlights (eyes) exhaust pipe/muffler (colon/rectum/intestines)

Structural frame support (skeletal system) Paint job (skin) Antenna (ears) radio/horn (voice/mouth) 

as a side note, you’l notice how the output of one organ corresponds to the input of another, such as the mouth producing the voice, which is heard by the ears, translated into the brain, and corresponding to thought/emotional tone/information. 

So, just judeging by the information above, cars are almost exactly taken from the human organization. Whats up with this? On one hand, it shows you that the vehicular transport system is a body, and that the car’s body is almost identical in components (organ wise, not counting matter type) and that both are a form of inhabited transport. Interestingly, cars are created by humans, and do resemble humans.

This gets me to a second few points. Most cars look alike. Yes, there are stylistic and functional differences, but, like humans, they all have, for the most part (freaks and cripples aside!) the same basic organization, and do the same damn thing. I was sitting in my car today, looking at 2 cars opposite me. One as a toyota, and one was a honda. They looked almost exactly the same. This is extremely important, and I think it relates to why so many people wear blue jeans. 

These cars have almost exactly the same lines, exactly the same contours, and emanate the same complex of feelings that express as these cars. One would think, that these car companies would make different, designs, not just copy each other, if they really were different entities. Looking at these cars, you could surmise that they were made by the same hand. Looking at all cars, you can see that the same hand, more or less, penned them all. Which is a remarkable thought. When you look at the features of cars, and see them stylistically, they emanate energy in the form of design criteria. 

I think this is important, because, it shows how the huge corporations are really owned and controlled by a very few, if even one, entity. Outright, I would say this is Lucifer, but I’m not going to really go down that path yet cause I don’t want peoples attitudes towards such beings to interfere with what I’m saying. 

So if I look at a Honda next to a Toyota, and the are so identical it is eerie, I can surmise that there is a consortium of people who own all these companies, that have a particular vision of what they want, and how the earth should be run, and what it should look like. I’m not saying that that in and of itself is wrong, but, they have such a strangle hold on some thing so basic as Transportation, that I think it is not only not fair, it severely, limits the creative efforts that could be expressed in something so intrinsic to being alive as moving your body from place to place. 

One way I can demonstrate this is, look how unwilling people are to modify or touch their own cars, with their own personal signature. Just the paint job alone is enough to repel anybody. How can you touch that super, shiny, expensive, complicated finish? Its part of the car, and it was impended by the creator, not by you. And anyone fearing lowering the “value” of the car by changing its appearance, would fear to do so. No one seems to want a personalized vehicle, except in the ways offered by the source that offers cars: the technocratic society. 

A car that looked different, that sounded different, that felt and drove different, that was shaped diferently, that used a different, or no fuel, that was built by human hands for someone they cared about,  would look so different then the energies we have on the roads today. It would be free, something someone made to be happy, not a collective energy made to enslave people, while promising freedom, and creating a world that depended on and utilised that technology, not only in the form it is, but in the way it needs space to match its needs, in the form of roads, oil wells, and manufacturing plants, but also controls, policemen, and laws, which tell you how to use it and why it should be used. This not something I want. I want to be free to travel at my pace, in my way, in a vehicle of my choosing, according to laws I made, or didn’t make. Vehicles that don’t require everybody to travel in a line behind one another, nose to tail, only going the direction the person in front of you is going. Traveling on a 2 d plane, in a narrow chute, provides such a backwards form of travel, that requires so much, and gives….So little? 

I’ve noticed these qualities, which may or may not be “real” in the car, but exist as projected thought fields surrounding the creation of these cars. 





-angry/”fear me and my power”

-safety (“you can trust your kids with us” ie. minivan)

-Wealth (another form of power. sleek, speedy, and DARK)

I think what I’m trying to point out here is the evil, dark energy embedded in these cars, which disguises itself as being necessary, at the same time embodying the above characteristcs. I see, no need to depict those above qualities, while carrying the hidden messages of evil. Ie, there is a subterranean attitude toward life, materiality, environment (not just the bleeding liberal type environment, i’m talking about subjective and physical orientation towards matter and the world outside the individuated beings, which the beings act on and form up into shapes)

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